Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Top 5 Most Overrated TV Shows of All-Time:

Here we go...

5. Sopranos: Yup, I said it. Is it a good show? Yes. Is it monumental? No. Nate has a theory that everyone loves it because they've seen something or been somewhere or knows where something is in an episode or the opening. He is obviously somewhat joking, but he is also somewhat right. This show hits the nerve of every dude in america who fantasizes about the mafia lifestyle. The only problem is that The Sopranos started out awesome and then tanked and everyone just kept making excuses. When you are on HBO, there is no excuse to have a bad season, especially when you are on your own timeframe for seasons.

4. M*A*S*H: The UBER-White show of all shows. The freaking theme song was the instrumental of "Suicide is Painless". I dunno, maybe I'm just too young, maybe I'm just flat out wrong, but I just can't deal with this show.

3. CSI: Monte Carlo/Anchorage/The Northwest Territory: I have seen one episode of CSI and I am making an uninformed, snap judgment and I don't care.

2. Sex and the City (on TBS): OH MY GOD SATC IS GOING TO BE ON TBS!!!! Big whoop dee damn doo. Without the "R" part of SATC the show just sucks...Oh wait a second...

1. Sex and the City (on HBO): Yeah, you read that right. If you think Sex and the City is revolutionary you better do some fact checking QUICK. Again, much like Sopranos, it is a good show, but nothing monumental especially considering it is on HBO. I don't know if people really comprehend the freedom with which HBO shows get to incorporate varied story lines. I mean, comparing something on HBO and ABC would be like comparing two basketball players, but one had to play in flip flops while the other one got to wear sneakers. I mean, it's not even close.

You want meaningful, empowering female storylines? Go watch Murphy Brown. They had a storyline which got a reaction from the Vice President of the United States. Not only did it get a reaction, it then retorted to that reaction. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you should read about this show. Murphy Brown was a powerful female doing well in a traditionally male-dominated work environment. She is a single mother (see Dan Quayle shooting his mouth off), retorts in an episode mocking the VP, is competing with a co-worker that is there because of her looks, and is a middle-aged, average looking (for tv) woman. So let's recap Murphy Brown real quick: Empowered women sexually, professionally, and culturally and did it while playing in flip flops.

Now, again, I'm not saying SATC was bad, it was good, but it was not monumental. The situation and characters were too fantastic (and not the fantastic as in 'really good'). Do you think it's a coincidence that no one gives Murphy Brown more pub for empowering women in our society through a tv show than SATC? Think about it, SATC has the following: 3/4 very good looking stars, all have ridic jobs, do fun drugs, drink, sex...and the show has all of this with the freedom of HBO. Kind of sounds shallow doesn't it? Now, think about Murphy Brown and really think how incredible SATC was...

Now, I'm sure I may have touched a nerve with the sopranos and sex and the city, but whatev...let me know what you think. And if you attempt to say that Perfect Strangers was overrated, I will hunt you down and find you. I loved "The Dance of Joy".

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Anonymous said...

Murphy Brown = boring. 1. Too many boring men on the show. 2. Murphy herself was boring. We didn't envy her life. Wow, I really want to be a single mother just to piss off a VP who doesn't even know how to spell potato. And that monotone, manly voice? No, thanks.

Sex and the City is exciting, entertaining, and refreshing. The women were smart, diverse, fun, glamourous. The show expertly explored relationships, which if you're a single woman (and I do realize I'm posting a comment on a predominately GUY BLOG, so sorry), could be very educational.

I learned more from Charlotte than I did from Murphy, and Charlotte was my least favorite Sex and the City character.

I do agree. Sex and the City is overrated. I love it, but it's definitely overrated. But come on, comparing it with Murphy? There's a reason Sex and the City had each completed season for sale on DVD before the show ended and nobody really cares that the first season of Muphy Brown is out on DVD.