Thursday, April 07, 2005

If you want to know how to throw a bday party, the book has just been written by Udo

Haven't posted in a while, so let me apologize for that. Now for bigger things...

Udo's birthday was the most ridiculously fun time I have had in a long while. And, let me say that I have had some off the chart ridicidoo moments and this one still topped them all.

So, this is how the party was prefaced...Nate and Sheldon were already in the QB getting amped for a night full of opportunities when none other than Gleason rolls in out of nowhere. Now let me say this, nights that the regular cuse bunch goes out, it's always a good time, adding Gleason and Nate to the mix is like going from a cranberry and vodka to a red bull and vodka, laced with speed, with Ante Up playing on repeat.

So we start a wee bit of boozin with some beers and JD. We then hop the train and head to Suede which is a sweet club owned by Timbaland. We get there and there is no one in the place, but we head right on down to the private room downstairs. Let me say this, when you walk in to a room filled with bottles of booze, mixers, fruit, and ice with COMFY couches...Oh man, the night is going to be a good one.

After a few minutes of introductions and some sitting, I barter for the bottle of tequila at the table over. Now it is go time. Shot glasses, limes, and a whole lot of potential are about to be unveiled. So, I scream at Udo to do some shots, so we start lining them up, shots go down, people get drunk. What occurs over the next few hours I can only describe as sheer joy and happiness at its purest form. There was dancing, carousing, laughing, making out, and just normal ballyhoo.

HOWEVER, this was going on right beneath a star-studded lineup upstairs. I will now list the alleged celebs that were there:

Will Valderama (verified)
Lindsey Lohan (verified)
Lindsey Grubma (verified)
JC Chasez (verified)
Joey Fatone (verified)
Fifty (NOT verified)
Richard Jefferson (verified)
Taye Diggs (verified)
Mark Wahlberg (verified)

There might have been more and I am just forgetting. However, Udo made fun of Will Valderamma stating this "Hey guys look -- It's Wilmer Valderama, the guy from 7th Heaven...hahahaha". Yup, that's right, Udo said he was from 7th Heaven.

AND, get this, Lohan and Grubman have to be separated because of something Grubman said about her.

Granted, it's not a real NYC party unless Jeter is there (as per Tommy), but it was still funny that there were celebs right above us and Udo's party was STILL better than the upstairs.

Towards the end of the night, there were girls dancing on tables, lapdances being given out, some serious making out, and a lot of good stories.

All in all, I would like to thank Udo and Husserl for throwing the creme de la creme of birthday parties.

You know it's a good party when the most common occurrence when everyone sees each other from the night before is a coy smile, a chuckle, and an utterance of "Now THAT is a party".


Daniel Husserl said...

Thanks Mike-dogg. Glad you had a killer time. I know that lil-Udo (aka, Udo's sis) was nothing but cheese when I took her picture with JC Chavez in the VIP lounge upstairs. Well worth the $35.
To all: keep your eyes and ears open for v2.0 coming in early June.

Anonymous said...

Page 6 printed on tuesday that Pam Anderson was also there, if Page 6 counts as verified, then Verified.