Monday, September 19, 2005

My Ebert and Roeper of The OC Season 3 so far...

Ok, here are some thumbs up and down for The OC so far this season after two episodes...

Thumbs up: Marissa's look this year. I don't know, something about her. She looks like she isn't fasting any more. The new Marissa looks a lot better.

Thumbs down: No Caleb. I already miss the big guy.

Thumbs up: Evil Julie Cooper is much better than moderately bad Julie Cooper. Evil Julie Cooper is the best.

Thumbs down: Recycling an old story with Jimmy Cooper. How many times can Jimmy Cooper be in financial trouble? Come on, I like the character, but let's develop him a little bit.

Thumbs up: Ryan punching people.

Thumbs down:Ryan not punching enough people.

Thumbs up: Goodguy Sandy Cohen sticking up for Ryan and the family and taking it to Jimmy Cooper.

Thumbs down: Kirsten Cohen's never-ending saga in rehab for a made up alcohol problem.

Thumbs up: Taylor Townsend trying to steal all of Marissa's thunder. She is straight out of Mean Girls. I am a huge fan of one Ms. Autumn Reeser (her real name).

Thumbs down: Trey's exit to.........Vegas???? Um...are they trying to do a spinoff?

Thumbs up: The Dean of Discipline aka the in-the-closet gay athlete guy from Cruel Intentions.

Thumbs down: The weird new font for the opening credits. I know this is picky, but it bothers me.

That's all I got for right now. I'm liking the start of this season though.


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Anonymous said...

hi, sweetloft guy,

i am a friend of funtommy's from college and i occasionally still read your blog from back in the days when the tao of tommy was published here. hi. i'm pilar, 'cuse class of '00, nice to meet you.

anyhoo, i just recently became obsessed with the oc and i remembered that you, i think, call it your "one true love" so...

here's the thing, two of my friends and i recently finished watching season 1, but we didn't realize how obsessed we'd be with the show until the first two eps of season 3 were already aired and we realized we would not be starting to tape season 3 until the third episode. it makes us want to cry more than marissa does. so i was wondering if you might know where a sista can find the first two eps of season 3 - like dyk if they are downloadable or whatever? i know this is kinda weird for me to even email you, someone i don't even know, about this, but you seem like someone who can understand my obsession. i mean, we haven't even started season 2 yet, but we already know we'll need, NEED, to see the first two episodes of season 3 and we don't really know anyone who watches the show besides us.

also, your blog is funny and i do like reading it now and then when i remember to read blogs.

any info you can give me would be appreciated, if you have any. you can email me if ya want,

i hope you are not scared of me b/c of this, but i'll take the gamble. my friends and i are just seriously in need of the first two eps. i mean, desperate times call for measures that are as desperate as emailing a friend of a friend whose blog i happen to read sometimes.

ok then, later on, and thanks!

tom's friend pilar