Sunday, September 18, 2005

Weird things happen in elevators

In my opinion, elevators are the closest thing to a real life psychological evaluation most people are ever going to get.

For example...

I got in the elevator to go up to the 11th floor of my building where I work. So, it's kind of crowded and I am in the back corner. Upon cramming in, this middle-aged woman is crammed in right next to me. So, unfortunately, almost every floor is lit up so I know it's going to be a long ride up to my floor. However, as fewer and fewer people are left on the elevator I notice that the lady next to me is not moving away from me. Now, I'm stuck in a corner and I can't really move too much. So, at about the 8th floor, literally there is ONLY ME AND THIS WOMAN in the elevator. And you know what -- she still hasn't moved. She is still right next to me. She hasn't moved at all. She is practically leaning on me. I really think if I had darted away she would have fallen over.

How creepy is this? Serisouly? It was early, so I wasn't totally with it. But good lord, this was absurd. How do you talk to someone in this position? "Excuse me ma'am, I know you have a crippling fear of elevators or have a very serious injury that has impaired your lateral movement, but if you wouldn't wind, could you please back the fuck up?"

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