Sunday, February 12, 2006

Tired of deciding who has to take responsibility for your ridiculous friends' antics? Try the friend draft!

So a few weeks ago, Nate, Doug, and I were sitting at a bar in NYC and decided to play a game that Nate thought up - The Friend Draft.

We put 90 names on a list and did a snake draft (Nate went first, Doug went second, I went third, I went fourth, Doug went fifth, and Nate went sixth, etc). Now, the catch was that whoever you draft, you are then responsible for them -- good or bad.

For example if you drafted Friend A and said person gets drunk, tries to cyber with random girls via IM, and gets caught doing this all the time, then you have to still admit that is your friend. Now, if a friend invents the cure for cancer, you get to reap all the benefits.

One more item to note, it was assumed that each of us were already on our own teams.

So, I am not going to post the final lists...yet. But just some overall comments:

Nate's team can best be described as high risk, high reward. Nate, as always, is not one to stand on the sidelines. He chose our friend Tyler #1 overall; this is the same Tyler who recently broke both wrists scaling a fence outside a bar dressed as The Flash for Halloween.

Doug's team is solid. One of the biggest questions is if Ethan can hold up the burden by being a high draft pick. This is the same Ethan who once was beaten up by a girl, in Walnut Park.

My team is off the charts. Obviously I am biased, but two groups really make up my team: People from upstate NY and people were on Day 6 my frosh year. Honestly, you can't really go wrong with either.

Eventually, I will release more and more info from the draft...Let's just say there have been some heated arguments stemming from this draft. Kudos to Nate for another great idea.

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Anonymous said...

Grow some balls and put it all out on the line...POST THE RESULTS. I know you still have it in your room.