Sunday, March 26, 2006

Scotty Blue's take on Melrose Place versus The OC

My good friend Scotty Blue did a take on Melrose Place versus The OC in response to my 90210 versus The OC blog. Here is his take:

I know a while back you did a 90210 vs. The OC comparison on the blog. I'm curious why you left out Melrose Place. While all three shows are classics, I must say Melrose stacks up better than the Hills in my opinion for a few reasosns.

First, since all of the characters were out of college and in their mid-20s or older when the show began, they could have crazier plot lines, with no parents or school administrators to deal with.

Second, Heather Locklear carries the 'Alpha Female' role much better than either Jennie Garth or Mischa Barton, despite the fact that Barton is really hot. She has an excruciatingly annoying voice and I hate her character. I can never understand why Marissa can't find a way to be happy. It's not like she has a bad life.

Third, although The OC clearly has the best theme song, I think Melrose's music was way better than 90210.

Fourth, while both Melrose and The Hills stayed on the air too long, Melrose was only on for one season longer than it should have been. 90210 should have ended with Brandon and Kelly's marriage/the gang's graduation from college, yet stayed on for an additional three seasons.

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